Vorstandsvorsitzender Dr. Marijn Dekkers

CEO Dr. Marijn Dekkers:

Dear Reader,
Our mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” never ceases to motivate us. We work very hard every day to build on our position as a world-class innovative company that improves the lives of many people with its innovative products and solutions.
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Vorstandsmitglied Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Plischke

Member of the Bayer AG Board of Management Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Plischke:

“Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.”
Our values form the basis of our corporate culture but are also an integral part of our management systems. This way, we can be sure that sustainability and innovation at Bayer go hand in hand. And this is the key to our success in the long term.
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Innovation and responsibility drive success
Bayer is a globally operating enterprise active in the fields of health care, nutrition and hightech
materials. We want to create lasting value through innovation, growth and high earning power.
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Strategy & Focus Issues

Addressing global challenges
A major challenge facing the international community is to safeguard adequate health care, nutrition and energy supply for the growing world population.
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Targets 2015

Performance Report

Facts and figures
Detailed facts and figures relating to our sustainability performance are contained in the Employees, Innovation and Products, Ecology and Social Commitment sections of the Performance Report.
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assured 2011

External Review

Assurance Statement
All parts of the Bayer Sustainable Development Report have been reviewed by Ernst & Young.
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Last updated: June 6, 2012