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Targets 2015

Targets 2015*

Management & Corporate Governance

Supplier management

  • Inform all suppliers with purchase-order-relevant volumes about the Bayer Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Assess the sustainability performance of suppliers that represent ≥ 75% of the total procurement volume and ≥ 75% of the procurement volume from risk areas
  • Annually audit the sustainability performance of at least 10% of the suppliers from risk areas or at least 15 suppliers


  • Extend compliance training to 100% of all Bayer managers

Innovation & Product Stewardship

Research & development

  • Maintain or increase R&D spending in relation to sales

Product stewardship

  • Roll out Global Product Strategy in another 10 countries with different languages



  • Increase the proportion of female managerial staff to approaching 30%

Occupational safety (new target figure)

  • Reduce the number of occupational injuries with lost workdays to ≤ 0.21 LTRIR **


Climate protection

  • Reduce specific greenhouse gas emissions in the Group by 35% (direct and indirect emissions in relation to manufactured sales volume in t) between 2005 and 2020

Process and plant safety

  • Implement the Bayer-wide initiative to increase process and plant safety; dedicated process and plant safety training for approx. 26,000 employees worldwide by the end of 2012


  • Reduce other relevant emissions (ozone-depleting substances -70%, volatile organic compounds -50%)


  • Reduce specific hazardous waste from production to 2.5% in relation to manufactured sales volume

Social Commitment

  • Focus our global commitment further on scientific education, fostering talent, cutting-edge research, health care and, in Germany, additionally on recreational, youth and disabled sports
* Unless indicated otherwise. More information on the targets can be found here and at the beginning of each chapter in the Performance Report.
** Lost Time Recordable Incident Rate = the number of reported occupational injuries and work-related illnesses resulting in at least one or more days lost per 200,000 hours worked

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